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This is me!

I´m a freelancing synth nerd that make audio for games. I started out making chip music in 1997 or something and since then music, music gear and creative people has been a constant evolving factor in my life. I´m a very DIY person and I enjoy making my own tools for sound-making. Such as my Modular Synth that I´m constantly working on or just the shelves in my studio for hanging my audio cables. I´v also studied three years of Digital Sound Design at Blekinge Institute of Technology. Thats where I met the people I started out making games with.


Sulfur - Perfect Random - In progress

Currently working on this. A game about killing goblins, wearing different shoes on each foot and cooking food. Im making music for some of the levels and bosses.

ULTROS - Hadoque - 2024

A psychedelic Metroidvania with plant mechanics. Fantastic! Helped out with sound design and fmod-wrangling on a few levels on this one.

sub par pool - Martin Jonasson - 2023

A feelgood minigolf/pool game by Martin Jonasson. Made music and sound for this one. Minigolf Funk and ploppy soothing snorkel sound effects. :)

Vem är arg?

Vem är arg? - Waileth & Bardon - 2021

Vem är arg? is a dance show for 2-3 years-olds. Its based on Stina Wirséns book with the same name. Made music for this.

Overlook Trail - Longhand Electric - In progress

Currently working on this one. Overlook Trail is a trip into the unknown and the mysterious led by Henrik at Longhand Electronic! For this Im lead sound designer, sound implementer and fmod-wrangler. And Im also making music for one of th four chapters of the game.

holedown - Martin Jonasson - 2018

A game about shooting bouncing balls into planets. A classic! Lead sound design, music and fmod-wrangling.

The Swords of Ditto - Devolver onebitbeyond - 2018

Cozy procedural old school Zelda-like. Made a whopping 45 track soundtrack for this one.

The Stretchers - NINTENDO - Tarsier - 2019

Lead sound design, Implementation and music.

twofold - Martin Jonasson - 2013

Lead Sound design, fmod-wrangling and music.

rymdkapsel - Martin Jonasson

Lead sound design and music.

Knife Sisters - Transcenders Media - 2019

Lead sound design and fmod-wrangling.

Flat Heroes - Parallel Circles - 2016

Did sound design and music together with Christian Björklund.

Hyper Princess Pitch - Daniel Remar - 2011

Smash TV-like with a christmas theme. Made the music for this one.


Studio overview I have a Studio here in Malmö - Sweden. Its filled with fun gadgets and a healty range of musical instruments. It can be seen on the picture above.


DIY Modular Synth I have been making game audio as a freelancer for all kinds of games since around 2008. (Check out my portfolio!) The main focus for me has always been making the music and sounds really fit the game and make it feel as good as possible. I´m comfortable working in all the standard Game Dev-software listed below.

Main Services

Music for games
Sounds for games
Implementation of sound and music for games

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Contact If you find that you scrolled all the way down here and you think that I might be interesting to work with. Here is how to find me: